MICHELIN CrossClimate Tyre


To meet the challenge of the weather conditions in Europe, Jean-Dominique Senard, Managing Partner of the Group, has today presented the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre. A major innovation intended for the European market, this very first tyre with official winter approval is a tangible illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance: combining across-the-board performance to meet a wide range of usage. With official approval for winter use, the MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre is a combination of summer and winter tyre technologies, incompatible until now.

During wet handling the Michelin CrossClimate equaled, if not bettered the summer tyre, and while it felt a little numb at the limit compared to the summer, it provided a more progressive nature and had more grip and feel than the all season and winter tyres, which felt weak and numb on the wet circle.

Source: Tyre Review